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The WCICIL archived link list may not work with all AT screen readers, but the wealth of archived information may be useful for those AT screen readers which can access the  webpage. This archived web page had many links that still work.

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The Youth Services Program Link

The Youth Services Program at WCICIL provides parents of children with disabilities with services to insure that they receive the most appropriate and least restrictive education possible. Armed with knowledge of the rights of children with disabilities, Youth Services can provide:

* Advocacy at school conferences to help assist parents and students to better understand their options and educational rights.

* Trainings to assist parents in becoming advocates for their children.

* Transitional services to assist students with a disability to generalize their skills into daily living after leaving school or entertaining post-secondary training.

For more information,
please contact Dustin Gorder at (217) 223-0400, Ext 185