WCICIL Services

The mission of the Center is to promote, increase and improve opportunities for independent living and lifestyle for persons with disabilities within the six-county service area: the counties of Adams, Brown, Hancock, Pike, McDonough, and Schuyler.

Each consumer is encouraged to decide what his or her own goals will be. WCICIL staff supports and encourages consumers to take the necessary steps to reach each goal.

WCICIL & Your Privacy

We have specific standards & practices to protect the privacy of each consumer. To read our Privacy Notice, or print it out, please use our link HERE.

Our Four Core Services

Advocacy - is a process that increases the customer's ability to act on their own to achieve independent living goals or to improve their current status.
Independent Living Skills -develop an array of areas that focus on customer needs.
Peer counseling
is based on one-on-one and group interactions with peers in areas of advocacy and self-help that will lead to achievement of independent living goals.
Information & Referral services are provided to respond to specific questions and assist in locating appropriate resources.

Call us at (217) 223-0400

Other WCICIL Services w/ Ext. #

WCICIL also offers:

~ Youth Services - Ext. 185
~ P.A. Training & Services - Ext. 188
~ Community Reintegration - Ext. 189

The WCICIL Braille service costs $1 for the intitial copy, and $.75 for additional copies

 WCICIL 6 County Service Area